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               SILENT NIGHT
It was a cold night, the wind went right through his uniform, and effectively chilling his bones. Private Jones looked up at the night sky, the sky was clear and the stars were blinking dimily. Jones looked down and sighed, it was Christmas, and where was he?  He was stuck guarding this stupid outpost, in this Godforsaken war torn country.  He wished to be home, granted, most of his family was dead, but he still had his mother and little sister Grace, and more than anything he wished to be home with them.
But here he was on watch to be ready if there was an ambush or nightraid.
What sick, twisted person would order a raid on Christmas Jones wondered?  But if one thing war had taught Jones was that politicians, generals, and dictators didn't care about their soliders. All they cared about was winning the war that they had started, they didn't care how many soldiers died, to them they were just game pieces, and some had to be lost in means to win.
Jones stared out at thefrozen landscape, when a noise brought him out of his reveri, it was church bells, the sound of the deep ring of the church bells from a neighboring town, it reminded him of the church bells from his hometown.  Listening to the bells he recognized the song as Silent Night. As the song went on Jones began to hum and sing the words

Silent night
Holy night
All is calm
All is bright
Round yon virgin mother and child
Holy infant so tender and mild
Sleep in heavenly peace
Sleep in heavenly peace

Jones had never been a very religious young man, even though his mother had brought him to church whenever she was able, but on this cold Christmas night  the story of Christ's birth came to mind, he came to the world as a baby, to bring peace to the world, to save everyone of their sin. When Christ was born he brought hope, and today when Jones heard those bells, it brought him hope. Hope that this war would end, that he would make it out alive, that he would get to go home, back to his mother and sister.
Hope for a silent night.
Silent Night
I don't know where this came from. I got the idea around Christmas, to write a short story about a soldier serving in a foreign country on Christmas. So I was just writing today and this is how it came out.
So, I never got to update on how my trip to Dollywood went, so here it goes.
We headed out early in the morning so that we got there when the park first opened at 2:00pm. We had to wait in line for about 20 min for the gates to open, though it wasn't that bad. We were able to get good seating at all the shows we watched, we watched It's a wonderful life, Christmas in the smokeys, and O' Holy night. At all the shows there was wonderful acting, singing, and dancing.
I had thought where it was November and since on their website they didn't have anything about the rides being open we assumed that they were closed, but to my surprise and delight, they were open!  At Dollywood it was nowhere near as crowded as it was in the summer. I got ride my favorite roller coaster the Tennessee tornado,twice! It was just as amazing as I rembered it. The first time I rode it was still daylight, but the second time we rode in the dark. If you have never rode a roller coaster in the dark, let me just say it is AWESOME!!!! Where we were there at night, we got to see the lights that were decorated everywhere!  We also rode a couple other rides such as fire chaser, and blazing fury. There we also saw a show called The timber canyon light show, it was this HUGE Christmas tree that changed colors, with bright lights, and spotlight like lights flashing around, as lively Christmas music was played.
We didn't stay for the parade because it wouldn't start till 8:00pm and we still had to get home and we were going to stop and get something to eat. We decided to leave early and get started on getting home. After stopping at a restaurant and eating, we were back on the road. The trip back was quiet and peaceful, traveling in the nights darkness, I saw the most interesting moon it was a beautiful red and orange.
We arrived at my grandparents house around midnight. We had a wonderful day together, but also tiring.
I took several videos and pictures but because my tablet can't download pictures from my camera, it will be awhile till I can upload the pictures here. But I plan to be getting a laptop sometime this month, so hopefully I will be able to upload pictures from my camera in the near future.
                 I hope you are having an amazing day, best wishes!


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